Right to "speedy trial" during Court Shut down .

While Coloradans are living under "stay at home" orders from the Governor, the Colorado courts have closed or severely limited operations. This means court dates and trial dates are being moved by the court.  A person charged with a crime has a right to a 'speedy trial' which means a trial within 6 months of when they plead 'not guilty' to a charge. But with court dates being limited to 'essential' matters, it is very likely many pending cases cannot be brought to trial in that time period.  You may be asked to 'waive' your right to a speedy trial. That  might be the right thing to do - or maybe not. It will depend on many factors existing in your individual case.  Handled correctly, the answer to this question might greatly benefit you as to the outcome of your case (possibly  leading to dismissal).  We definitely strongly encourage you to consult an attorney before making the decision - or before the Court 'forces' an outcme on this important issue.

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