Expunging & Sealing Records Probation & Bond Violations Attorneys in Boulder, CO

In Colorado arrest and criminal court records can be sealed under certain circumstances. “Sealing” of adult criminal arrest and court records means all public references to them are removed- so on a standard records check they should not show up. However, the records remain available to law enforcement.

An adult arrest and criminal court record can only be sealed if the charges were completely dismissed or if they were certain drug related offenses, occurring in a certain time frame, following a certain waiting period. The process is somewhat complicated as specific information needs to be included on the Petition to Seal, but some people do file record sealing requests themselves. However, it is important that all of the potential holders of the records be notified for the process to be complete – and there are some agencies that hold records that are not obvious. We suggest consulting a lawyer about handling your record sealing.

In juvenile delinquency cases, the records can be expunged after certain periods of time depending on the outcome of the case. Again, properly notifying the agencies that may have records is the key to a successful expungement proceeding. Many cases cannot be sealed or expunged and will remain on a person’s arrest and / or criminal court record the rest of their life. In those cases, a person can request a pardon from the governor but those are rarely given and do not result in removal of the record from public view.

The lawyers at Miller & Harrison, LLC have handled many record sealing and expungement proceedings and know how to maximize the chances of the record being removed so it will not affect the client’s future.