Civil Litigation Attorneys in Boulder, CO

Individuals or businesses often need legal representation to protect their interests, whether bringing lawsuit against someone or defending themselves against alleged claims. There are many different kinds of civil disputes that require legal help in order to resolve them. Here are a few examples:

  • A business may want to bring suit over a breach of contract.
  • During probate, heirs may sue each other over the deceased’s estate.
  • Neighbors may dispute real estate boundaries, filing lawsuits against each other.
  • A landlord may want to take a tenant to court over a lease or vice versa.
  • Claims that do not fit neatly into a specific category
  • Legal Advice, Representation & Litigation

The attorneys at Miller & Harrison, LLC have decades of experience litigating claims in civil courts and achieving successful results for our clients. We tailor our general litigation to suit the needs of each unique situation. Some cases are resolved simply and quickly with the help of our practical legal advice. Other cases require our representation to negotiate a settlement outside of court. Still other cases require a lawsuit and must be taken to trial in order for us to obtain the most favorable outcome for our clients.

State and Federal Experience

Because of our willingness to aggressively take cases to hearings or trials when necessary, we have developed a solid reputation for success in local, state, and federal courts in Colorado. Our reputation as highly skilled trial lawyers also helps when it comes to negotiating resolutions to cases outside of court, if that is what our client wishes.