Probation & Bond Violations Attorneys in Boulder, CO

Once locked up in jail, many people are required to post a bond before they can be released. Typically, there are conditions attached to the bond which can include, among other things, that no laws are violated while the person is out on bond, that the person be under substance abuse monitoring (breath or urine testing), and that the person have no contact with the alleged victim of his or her crime. An allegation that a bond condition has been violated is a very serious matter and carries harsh penalties

If a person pleads guilty to a crime they often are placed on probation or on a “deferred judgment and sentence.” This is an alternative to a jail sentence, so there are normally conditions attached to the probation or deferred sentence. If there is an allegation that a probation or deferred sentence condition has been violated, it can lead to serious consequences, including jail, additional conditions, extended period of probation, etc.

Being accused of violating bond conditions or violating conditions of probation are very serious allegations and anyone in either position should immediately hire a lawyer.

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