Probation conditions during the stay at home orders

If you are on probation during the time of "stay at home" orders this can impact your ability to comply with the conditions of your probation. Many probation departments are being creative in solving this problem (some not so much...).  For example, video meetings with probation officers are occuring - or even just telephone meetings.  Some conditions of probation like alcohol programs etc. are beginning to be done online - but only during this time as in person meetings are prefered. Even domestic violence treatment has been allowed in creative ways, as authorized by the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board.  It is always best to be in touch with your probation officer by phone or email to be sure that you are all on the same page- and try to get it in writing (email or letter) if you can so there is no question later about what is being allowed to meet probation conditions.  

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