Hearing by Video in Court

State Courts in Colorado are using the video conferencing platform called "WebEx" to hold video hearings while the Courts remain with limited staffing and a desire to limit in-person interactions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The webex platform is pretty easy to use but does require a bit of practice and study to use it correctly. Most courts, on their home pages, have an icon one can click on to get the listing of the way to enter each courtroom virtually.  Be sure you are entering the correct courtroom - it will be on your paperwork. When doing so, you MUST make sure your microphone is muted, and start with the video off.  Once you are in the virtual room (and can see the judge and other people there handling cases) the judge will notice you and ultimately call your case, at which time you can unmute the microphone, and allow the video if you have not already.  Treat it as if you are actually physically going to be standing in the courtroom - wear approrpaite clothing, don't talk over other participants, etc. It is certainly possible that even when the pandemic is over (if ever) the courts may continue to use this video platform for certain hearings.  

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