Civil Protection Orders - You can avoid them becoming permanent

If you are served with a “Temporary Protection Order” from an “ex”, be aware that it is possible to avoid that order being made permanent. The person who gets the protection order against you just has to say enough to the judge at the initial request hearing – without you present – to convince the Judge there may be an “imminent threat”. This is often a close call for the Judge. At the hearing to decide if the Protection Order should be made permanent the judge has to decide (1) that there is a basis for issuing the order (i.e. something did happen) AND (2) that unless it is entered the threatening actions will continue.

A Permanent Protection Order can cause problems with traveling and obtaining firearms, among other things. A person with such an order against them can only try to have it modified or removed every two years.

At my law firm we are familiar with fighting against protection Orders being issued, and will help you.

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