Be sure to know what traffic ticket points you have to avoid suspensions

In Colorado if a person over 21 is convicted of traffic violations totaling 12 or more points within a 12 month period, or 18 or more points within a 24 month time period, the person's license gets suspended for up to a year due to points accumulation.  So if you receive a traffic tickets, be sure to get your driving record showing prior points.  Then take the date of the new ticket, go back 12 months - to see if there will be a total of 12 or more points if you include the new ticket. Then go back 24 months to see if there will be 18 or more points if the points from the new ticket are considered.  That way you will know how the new ticket will impact your ability to drive.

A person who is between 18 and 21 years old is subject to driver's license suspension if they get 9 or more points in 12 months, 12 or more points in 24 months or 14 points between the ages of 18 and 21.   A minor under 18 is subject to suspension if they get 6 or more points within 12 months or 7 points before turning 18. 

A points suspension can be for up to one year, but it can be less as well, so it makes sense to schedule a hearing on the suspension and not just accept the length of the suspension on the letter you get from DMV.  It can also be possible to get a probationary license to drive for work and school needs during a suspension of your driver's license. We can help with all of these issues.

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