Advantages of Video Court Appearances

Most Colorado courts currently request that persons appear in court by video as opposed to in-person for most court matters, out of a concern for public safety. Every court now has a page on their website that lists the links for how to appear in court by video. It sometimes remains a little 'clunky' but there are advantages. A big one is that you can be at work, take a 15-minute break and go to your car or a break room and appear in court using your cell phone. Another is the savings in lawyers' time as the lawyer does not have to drive to court, etc. and thus it likely reduces the fees you have to pay. Many hearings end up just being 'resetting' to another date. In some cases, where live testimony will be taken, like from a witness or a police officer, those hearings remain being held in person - although even those sometimes are held by video. You should plan on most of your court appearance for the foreseeable future is by video.

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